Digital Nomads Visa in Greece

Digital Nomads Visa in Greece

Articles 10 and 11 of the new bill “Reform of deportation and return procedures for third-country nationals, attracting investors and digital nomads, issues of residence permits and procedures for granting international protection and other provisions of the ministry of migration and asylum and the Ministry of Citizen Protection” introduce regulations that resolve issues related to the process of transferring funds intended for investment to Greece, the granting of residence permits to investors who wish to change their investment sector, the possibility of investing in more than one sector as well as regulations concerning the attraction of digital nomads.

Especially for Digital Nomads, citizens of third countries self-employed, self-employed or salaried, who work remotely using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) with employers or customers outside Greece (digital nomads) will be able to enter and live in Greece for a period of up to twelve (12) months.

Interesting points about the new bill that is going to be voted by the Greek Parliament in the following period, are the following:

  1. The digital nomads will apply for this visa and residence permit for them and their family for a year and can be renewed for 2 years.
  2. The digital nomads will have to providing remote work and to not to provide in any way work or services or work to an employer based in Greece.
  3. The digital nomads will have to provide an employment or work contract or proof of employment relationship with an employer, natural or legal person, who is established outside the Greek territory in case that the applicant work dependently in a company outside Greece or in case he/she is an independent contractor or self employed, data that proves its business activity ie business registration document indicating its business activities, corporate scope of business.
  4. The digital nomads  will also have to provide evidence that they have sufficient financial resources, at the level of fixed income, to cover his living expenses during his stay in the country, without burdening the national social welfare The amount of sufficient resources is set at three and a half thousand (3,500) euros per month and is proved i) by the employment or work contract or the proof of employment relationship, in the case of employment, services or work or ii) by a bank account. In case the applicant will apply also for their family member that amount will be increased by (20%) and he (15%) for each child.
  5. During their stay in Greece, the spouse or partner and the members of the dependent’s family are not allowed to provide dependent work or to exercise any form of economic activity.
  6. Periods of absence from the country do not hinder the renewal of the residence permit, as long as they do not exceed six (6) months per year.
  7. The Visa application stamp fee will 75 euros for each applicant and the residence permit application stamp fee will be 1000 per applicant.

 Once the new law is voted by the Greek Parliament, we will be able to provide an end to end solution to all our customers.

 In case you are interested in applying for digital nomads visa and residence permit, please contact us!

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