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Strategic Advantages of Greece | Top Yachting Destinations in Greece  

Establish a NEPA in Greece is never being easier!


Greece is one of the top yachting destinations worldwide attracting people from all over the world because of its fantastic climate, a huge variety of islands and the incredible Mediterranean Sea!


N.E.P.A. The Greek Maritime Company for pleasure Yachts

Greece is a major maritime nation with its shipping industry, along with tourism, being the most important sectors of the national economy.
Despite the financial crisis, Greece as a member of the EU and EMU provides a stable investment environment and creates business opportunities for Maritime Companies.

About the maritime company for pleasure yachts(NEPA)


Buying a new or used yacht in Greece can be a profitable and also enjoyable business. NEPA is a Greek commercial company, that can be established in cases of managing pleasure and leisure yachts under the Greek flag.

This type of company is rather attractive for those that want to combine business and their hobby (sailing).

The Maritime company for pleasure yachts


In Greek: Ναυτιλιακή Εταιρεία Πλοίων Αναψυχής, hereinafter referred to as “N.E.P.A.”, is a commercial company whose exclusive object is the acquisition, exploitation or management of pleasure yachts under the Greek flag which are qualified as commercial, in accordance with the provisions of law 4256/2014.

Strategic Advantages of Greece for yacht ownership


  • Leading sailing destination with an extended season
  • VAT exemption on yacht purchases
    0% income tax on charter generated profits
  • Any EU based entity may easily establish a local branch in Greece
  • Easy & not so expensive to set up a Greek Maritime Company for Pleasure Yachts (M.C.P.Y.)

Other Legal Entities of NEPA


A Greek-flagged commercial yacht may be owned/operated by the already known legal entities as an EPE (limited liability company), a Societe Anonyme, or the recently introduced Greek company called NEPA (Maritime Companies for Pleasure Yachts).

NEPAs in light of the new regulations are a “single-purpose vehicle” to own, manage or operate a yacht. All limited companies may be converted into NEPAs but not vice versa.

Of course, all Greek companies may be owned by other EU companies or individuals (or non-EU up to 49%) who must obtain a Greek Tax Registration number and also appoint a Greek person as legal representative in Greece against tax, port and/or other competent authorities.

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