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We can help you and your family to receive a Long Term Visa and Residence Permit in Greece.

Useful Information

The particular residence permit may be granted to third county citizens, who are members of the management board, shareholders, managers, legal representative, general managers, company managers of national or subsidiary companies established in Greece and foreign company’s branches which has legal commercial activity in Greece.

The referring companies’ executives can be accompanied with their members of their families (spouse, children).

The duration is for 2 years and may be renewed every 3 years In case of the executives providing their services to the company.

We are here to help you setup and operate your business and also acquire your short term or long term visa and residency permits!


  • Do you want to enter the European Business Market?
  • Looking for a truly European culture, safe way of life and great business opportunities.
  • Greece is ideal destination for investors and entrepreneurs.
  • We are your Trusted Partners and we consult you for all the legal, financial and taxation issues regarding your business and immigration plan.
  • We support you throughout the entire process of setting up your business, we take care of all the bureaucracy and we issue your desired residence permit.
Phase 1: Primary Consultancy on finding the solution that fits your needs
Our support normally begins with consulting sessions before your first visit. We give you all the necessary guidance and consulting on the preparation and essential paperwork to bring with them that suits your needs.
You can either want to acquire the Long or short term Visa either as a person or as an entity. We provide you with the necessary information about this.
Phase 2: Preparation about the long term visa issuance & the business setup procedures
  • Support and guide you with the collection of the right documentation
  •  Review and correct your application form and assist you with scheduling of your appointment with the Greek Consulate
  •  Explain you all about what the Law indicates about the long or short term visa regarding the residence permit acquisition for your case; help you with the arguments that you have to present in front of the Greek Consulate’s employees and also email you all the assisting documents in order to understand the law and what issues might occur; also have them with you (laws and legislation)
  •  Coach you and prepare you for the interview
Phase 3: Issuance of the long term European Residence Permit + Company/ Branch Establishment
  • Documents Collection
  • Visa Application Submission
  • Issuance of  Residence Permit
  • New Business Establishment

We help international investors & business owners all the way through to issuing residence permits and their company/ branch setup. We accompany you to the Bank and Tax office for the necessary formalities and then submit your application and collect your Golden Visa once it is issued.

Phase 4: After the Residency Permit Acquisition & Company Setup
  • Bank Account Opening
  • Tax- Accounting Support
  • Legal Support
  • ayroll & Employment Support
  • Tax Filing
  • End to end Business Consulting support

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