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Great companies and great business people are those that create and maintain great, sophisticated and long term relationships with their audience. These companies develop their market share more effectively than others and they also embrace their audience and advance their brand loyalty.

We offer Integrated Branding Solutions, following the next process:

Stage 1: Research and Analysis of Market 

Stage 2: Brand Strategy and Development

Stage 3: Design or Redesign of Brand Identity

Stage 4:  Copywriting of business concept and brand history

Stage 5: Brand Communication & Brand Management

Marketing is what you do!

Branding is what you are!

We focus on developing brands for companies wanting to “give birth” or revitalize their brand, engage their employees, and create better business opportunities. We do this by evolving the four key areas of a company’s brand: strategy, identity, experience and management.

We provide the following Services:

— Market & Competition Research & Brand Positioning: Know how to position your business differently. Learn how to make your message unique amongst thousands other voices.

— Marketing Communications & Content: Communication is the ability to put into effect what is on your mind. With your brand strategy and marketing plan in place, it’s time to give your brand a message and voice.

— Marketing Strategy and Plan Development: We create marketing plans to achieve results. Once the brand strategy is firmly in place, creating marketing strategies and operational plans becomes a creative exercise based on logic and facts rather than relying on being ultra-clever or innovative.

— Marketing Management: Today’s marketing, is about education and conversation.For busy business people that don’t have the time, the expertise, or the resources to continually craft creative communications and quality content, we are hired  to run your marketing department so you  can stay focused on operations and serving clients.

— Online Advertising. We believe it’s not an expense, it is an investment for being unremarkable. We deliver cutting edge online advertising solutions to achieve the necessary impact in the market.

— DYI Marketing through Marketing Series – stay tuned 🙂

A logo is not your brand, nor is it your identity.

Logo design, identity design and branding all have different roles, that together, form a perceived image for a business or product.

What is brand? – The perceived emotional corporate image as a whole.
What is identity? – The visual aspects that form part of the overall brand.
What is a logo? – A logo identifies a business in its simplest form via the use of a mark or icon.

Here are our provided branding identity services

  1. Brand Naming & Slogan
  2. Logo Design or Redesign
  3. Brand Identity Design
  4. Corporate Statutory Design 
  5. Promotional  Material Design
  6. Print Design
  7. Marketing Campaign Design

It’s obvious that if a company does not have an online presence, it does not exist.

Inbound Marketing Strategy Services:

 1. Web presence Consulting and Web marketing Strategy

  • Buyer Persona Development
  • Online Communication Strategy
  • Online Marketing Management
  • Content Management
  • Training in Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Copywriting etc

 2. Social Media Marketing

  • Social Media Strategy & Lead Generation
  • Social Media Pages Development and Management
  • Training and Coaching on Content Management & Social media Management

3. Website & Online Copywriting 

4.  Online Communities Strategy and Support 

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