A.TL.AS Consulting’s history begins in 1972 in Thessaloniki with pioneer Mr. Kleanthi Patsoumi founder and president. 

In 1980

an outside-the-box action was the reason to show the innovative trend of the company. With the induction of the first computer for accounting uses in the market. 

In the 80s a significant company development took place, and very soon its headquarters were transferred to a private building in Pilea, Thessaloniki. Moreover, its activities have been expanded to support Greek enterprises’ openness abroad. 

In the 90s

Sousana and Aliki Patsoumi joined the workforce in parallel with their studies, “Paving the Way” to businesses & entrepreneurs’ consultancy services. 

In the 2000s

was a red-letter decade! Mr. George G. Kalfas was inducted into the company’s Management Board, and the entity changed form and was renamed to A.TL.AS Consulting. Which stands for Α for Accounting, ΤL for Taxation Law and ΑS for Administration Specialists, and represents the range of the provided corporate services and solutions. 

From 2010 to 2020

many successful events happened in A.TL.AS. Particularly the below have been: the AtlasHub, the Atlas Learning, Atlas Business Center,  Atlas Athens brunch, the participation in international business communities – networks of like-minded BPO providers and advisors. Moreover the double awarding of the company at the Accounting Awards 2020, with the distinction in Top Historical Tax – Accounting & Consulting Company in Greece. 

Since then, with the fulfillment of 5 decades in the market: 

  • A.TL.AS Consulting is a Tax – Accounting and Consulting firm that operates as a Business Process Outsourcing  Partner which provides integrated business solutions & services. 
  • We fully support in humane way individuals, investors, entrepreneurs, Greek and foreign, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs businesses), groups of companies, and multinational companies. 
  • Our clientele consists of individuals and legal entities in every continent and amounted to over 100 countries globally. 
  • Our headquarters are transferred to a new modern workspace. That we created with a lot of love and passion so that we can make available to our people a pleasant and functional working environment. 


      The belief that we really care about our people, partners, colleagues and human in general, is the principle that dominates the core of A.TL.AS Consulting’s Culture. We induct this philosophy to all our communications, promoting our life and job fundamental guideline (golden rule) “Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you!’’. 

      Not only do we love what we do, but we have created an organization that looks like a family, a “business point” where we host every entrepreneur, in full and integrated support, and always with care, respect, and focus in detail. Moreover, we welcome positive people to our team, that have as a common quality improved emotional intelligence in customer service, combining high and valid scientific knowledge. 

      The field of the work environment is based on efficient collaboration, applying horizontal management, and a higher value code of business ethics that is characterized by authenticity, honesty, sincerity, diligence, and HUMANITY. 

      Concluding, the phrase “Everyone can meliorate and continuously self-improve acquiring the ’’we’’ instead of ’’me’’ philosophy” is what inspires and guides us on our journey. 


      Our mission is to be the most reliable partner to our clientele, taking care with our knowledge, experience, our people, and our business network to significantly contribute to the beginning, the progress, the rise of their profitability, and also to the protection of their property always with responsibility, gravity, and empathy. 

      Moreover, to attach respect to our people, creating a climate of trust and loyalty among the members of our team, partners and clients of our company.   

      For that reason, we have built a strong, open working, and creative environment that enhances blue-sky thinking, and innovative ideas, motivating our team to deliver the optimal levels of success and happiness into the working environment, thus achieving a harmonic balance between private life and professional life. 


        OUR VISION

        Our vision is to be locally & globally recognized, as the most trusted tax accounting and consulting company in Greece that generates positive financial & social impact on people and organizations that trust us. Offering integrated tax, accounting, legal and financial services, and solutions as a working environment, where our team feels happy working while growing professionally. 


        Entrepreneurial excellence 

        «We seek to the constant improvement of our attribution for the achievement of an excellent entrepreneurial result». 

        • Easy street / high profitability  
        • Excessive Return / Exceptional Result 
        • Competitive Advantage 
        • Continuous Progress / Innovation 
        • High Security and Quality Standards  

        Human Capital 

        «Our entrepreneurial success is based on our people». 

        • Team Spirit 
        • Integrity 
        • Communication 
        • Professional Attitude 
        • Work Safety and Health  

        Society & Environment 

        «We raise our corporate awareness and responsibility in daily practice» 

        • Social environment’s Approval 
        • Respect for the Environment 
        • Security and Environmental Consciousness 
        • Socially Responsible Development  

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