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Greece is ideal destination for citizens of third countries and members of their families wishing to retire in Greece or otherwise live in Greece without working.
We are your Trusted Partners and we consult you for all the legal, financial and taxation issues regarding your immigration plan. We support you throughout the entire process, we take care of all the bureaucracy and we issue your desired residence permit.

Greek Policy for Social Integration


Do you know that Greece is an attractive destination for wealthy people & for elder people?

According to Art. 20 of the Law on Immigration and Social Integration (4251/2014) (former Article 24 of Law 3386/2005) citizens of third countries and members of their families wishing to retire in Greece or otherwise live in Greece without working, can apply for a Greek residence permit based on independent income or funds from outside the country via retirement benefits or a pension, property rents, savings or grants.

This type of residency permit is issued for a period of 2 years and can then be extended, on the condition that the holder of the residency permit maintains his/her income.

Furthermore, to be eligible for the renewal, there is a demanding period of stay of six months per year.

    Phase 1: Primary Consultancy on finding the solution that fits your needs
    Our support normally begins with consulting sessions before your first visit.
    We give you all the necessary guidance and consulting on the preparation and essential paperwork to bring with them that suits your needs. You can either want to acquire the Long or short term Visa either as a person or as an entity. We provide you with the necessary information about this.
    Phase 2: Preparation about the long term visa issuance
    • Support and guide you with the collection of the right documentation
    •  Review and correct your application form and assist you with scheduling of your appointment with the Greek Consulate
    •  Explain you all about what the Law indicates about the long or short term visa regarding the residence permit acquisition for your case; help you with the arguments that you have to present in front of the Greek Consulate’s employees and also email you all the assisting documents in order to understand the law and what issues might occur; also have them with you (laws and legislation)
    •  Coach you and prepare you for the interview
    Phase 3: Issuance of the long term European Residence Permit
    • Documents Collection
    • Visa Application Submission
    • Issuance of  Residence Permit

    We help the financially independent people all the way through to issuing residence permits. We accompany you to the Bank and Tax office for the necessary formalities and then submit your application and collect your Golden Visa once it is issued.

    Phase 4: After the Residency Permit Acquisition
    • Bank Account Opening
    • Tax Support
    • Legal Support
    • Insurance
    • End to end Business Consulting support

    Useful Information

    Who Can Apply?

    Non – EU citizens having adequate resources at a level of steady annual income for the coverage of their living expenses may apply for a 2- year residence permit. Such individuals may be accompanied by members of their families to whom a personal residence permit is grante d.

    Sufficient Income
    The condition for sufficient income must exist for each member of the family. The minimum income is 2000 euros/month and in case the person is accompanied by their family, this amount is increased by 20% for the spouse and 15% for each child. The amount of the income may be proved by pension abroad, bank account statements or other proof that the person has its own sufficient income, of legal origin, to cover its expenses without being employed or exercise an independent economic activity in Greece.

    Duration of the Residence Permit
    The residence permit for financially independent persons is issued for 2 years and may be renewed every 2 years.

    Access to labor market:
    This type of residence permit does not allow access to the labor market.

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    Do you know that Greece is an attractive destination for wealthy people & for elder people?