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Being an extroverted company, we are members of National Organizations and also Greek Commercial Chambers. Furthermore, we are very active in International Tax, Accounting Organizations, Global Networks, and companies associations in our field. 

In this context, A.TL.AS Consulting professionals can meet the requirements of our clients’ complex business challenges. Providing services that exceed the limits of an entrepreneurial sector and national borders in synergy with other BPO providers and members of your International Network. 

3 reasons to cooperate with us

Global Partnership

with Valuable Experience 


High-Quality Solutions 

Holistic Approach of Project Management 

We are a proud Member of Accace Circle representing Greece! 

Accace Circle is an Interlinked Business Community that connects like-minded companies to actively work on providing unified, expert services and streamlined processes to their clients internationally. Our community operates globally, under one centralized account management and online platform, yet delivers local support and knowledge through a wide community of its members.

Covering nearly 40 jurisdictions with more than 2,000 professionals, we support more than 10,000 clients, mostly mid-sized and international Fortune 500 companies from various sectors, and process at least 170,000 people on payroll globally.

Our community operates under a centralized account management and online platform, but provides local support and knowledge through a broad community of members.

We are members of Business Networks!

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