‘’ “I am delighted that A.TL.AS Consulting is successfully certified with ISO 9001:2015.

The certification process has been completed in a very short time, which is evidence of the high standards of our offered services.

Our company is committed to the provision of standards and the continuous improvement of service value, oriented to the best clients’ service. ’’’

                                                       George Kalfas C.E.O. General Manager

A.TL.AS CONSULTING PC applies the Quality Control System

regarding the standard ISO 9001 about:

«Provision of tax accounting, payroll, company formation, and consulting services»


  • the offering services to meet the particular and the predetermined needs of the clients,
  • the fulfillment of the predetermined demands of the system, the validation of the effectiveness and its adequacy, but also the continuous improvement in all levels of enrichment,
  • The services should be provided under controlled circumstances and according to authorized well-documented processes, aiming to eliminate any issues, and reduce the cost of the lower quality
  • The performance of the initial and final predetermined controls, before, during and after the persuasion of the services, minimizing the possibility of not satisfying a client.
  • Assurance and prompt after-sales customer service, establishing principles of complaint handling and customers control satisfying, that foster the maintenance of a high trust relationship and strong cooperation.
  • Absolute compliance with the legislation during the Company’s function.
  • Communication with all the authorized representatives and referring parts with disclosure of the present policy.

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