We are proud to be an Accace Circle Member

Accace Circle is dedicated to its core mission: to become a trusted strategic partner for clients, providing a comprehensive, proactive and managed solution in EMEA region and beyond.

Covering almost 50 jurisdictions with over 2 500 professionals, we support more than 15 000 customers, mostly mid-size and international Fortune 500 companies from various sectors, and process at least 200 000 payslips globally.



Our name, Accace, read [əkeɪs], is a tribute to our humble yet formative beginnings, when we started as an accounting firm. Accace stands for “accounting ace” and it showcases our early yet ever-present ambition to become the ace on the market.

About Accace

How an International Network like Accace can be very beneficial for Our clients?

At Atlas Consulting we are proud to be a part of a global BPO and consultancy business community Accace Circle.

This affiliation provides us with the unique capability to offer our clients international coverage and support that extends beyond our borders.

Leveraging our community’s extensive reach and expertise, we can assist you in navigating the complexities of international markets and offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs in any country of the EMEA region.

Whether you are looking to expand into new locations or seek guidance beyond your current borders, we are here to facilitate your success on a global scale.

Our Service Scope

Atlas Consulting’s Circle’s services range from company incorporation to complex BPO services in accounting, payroll and HR administration. All our services are supported by professional in-house tax consultants.



Accounting Services

HR Administration

Payroll Services

Tax Services

What we offer to our clients

Global Reach and Presence

Being part of an international network allows our clients to extend their reach beyond local boundaries.

Cost Efficiency

Collaboration within an international network can lead to cost savings.

24/7 Operations

With operations spread across different time zones, our network can provide continuous services, enabling our clients to benefit from round-the-clock support.


The international network provides a scalable infrastructure, allowing our clients to easily expand globally.

Technology and Innovation

We stay updated on the latest technologies and industry trends.

Our participation to Accace Circle provides opportunities for knowledge exchange, adoption of innovative technology solutions, and access to state-of-the-art tools that can enhance service delivery.

Client-Centric Approach

By leveraging the strengths of our international network, Atlas Consulting adopt an even more client-centric approach.

This involves tailoring solutions to meet the specific needs and preferences of our clients, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.

Quality and Compliance

Working within an international network often involves adhering to global quality standards and compliance regulations; All our partners amongst the globe have strong focus on data confidentiality and data security ( through ISO and ISAE certificates) and we  ensure consistent service quality and compliance with various international regulations.

Our Global Coverage & Close Partners…

Thanks to our international partners, we provide our services across EMEA region and beyond.