We are proud to be an Accace Circle Member

Accace is a proactive consultancy and outsourcing partner who bridges the gap between needs and solutions. Combining smart and streamlined technology with a holistic approach, they provide an all-round care to clients and consider their matters as their own.

With over 800 experts and more than 2,000 customers, Accace has vast experience with facilitating the smooth operation and growth of small to large-scale, global businesses.

Our mission is to support our clients, colleagues and partners in reaching their dreams, while leaving a positive imprint on the world.

Guided by our strong values of excellence, cooperation, flexibility, passion, trust, and commitment, we succeed by achieving goals that involve more than just financial accomplishments.


Our name, Accace, read [əkeɪs], is a tribute to our humble yet formative beginnings, when we started as an accounting firm. Accace stands for “accounting ace” and it showcases our early yet ever-present ambition to become the ace on the market.

About Accace

What is Accace Circle?

Accace Circle is a co-created business community of like-minded BPO providers and advisors who deliver outstanding services with elevated customer experience and erase the borders of service delivery. Covering over 50 jurisdictions with nearly 2,500 professionals, Accace Circle supports more than 15,000 customers, mostly mid-size and international Fortune 500 companies from various sectors, and process at least 200,000 pay slips globally.

Accace Circle strives to grow and nurture non-competitive internal environment, where synergies between trust, shared know-how, and valued relationships bring unique benefits to all its members and their clients. Moreover, the Accace Circle business community brings its members transparency and two-way communication in collaborations on international tenders and proposals, which it actively searches and pursues.

3 Main Reasons To JOIN

Support during the entire lifecycle of your business !

We Accelerate Your International Growth!

Whether it is through international tenders or fellow members’ recommendations, we actively work on growing your business through meeting your clients’ global needs.

We Help You Improve Your Processes and Efficiency

We nurture connections and collective intelligence among our members to capture know-how and best practices to drive results of both your new and existing clients.

We Ensure You Leave Your Business In Good Hands

Your company can live on in the hands of our community or a reliable Friend to ensure your brand and employees are maintained and thrive.

Accace Circle Connect Companies with…

Common Goals

Common Mindset

Common Services

Common Values

Through Accace Circle, we are developing a strong business community of members, who help each other conquer the BPO map, without losing their identity. Our common purpose as Accace Circle is to deliver expert service to our clients while generating more international leads. We do this using innovative approaches, unified processes, one centralized account management and online platform.

A Team That Works Together, Stays Together and Finds Greatness Together !