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Invest in Greek Market

Greece is highly appealing as an investment location because it offers business people a wide variety of investment opportunities that take advantage of the country’s strategic geographic location and unique competitive advantages.

Is a natural gateway to more than 140 million consumers in Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, a region with a GDP of almost 1 trillion Euro.

As the hub of diverse emerging markets, Greece provides access to populations with a strong demand for consumer goods, infrastructure modernisation, technology and innovation networks, energy, tourism development, and light manufacturing.

Are several ways of investing business in Greece and also there are sectors that are booming! Depending on your business and investment plan, you could find great market opportunities in Greece.

Since 1972, A.TL.AS Consulting PC has assisted our Clients and facilitating their investment and corporate plans in Greece.

Greece is Crossroad for entering EU Market


Greece’s geographical position in Southeast Europe attracts investors who wish to enter the emerging markets of Balkans, Black Sea and Eastern Europe.

Despite the financial crisis, Greece as a member of EU and EMU provides a stable investment environment and creates business opportunities for all type of companies.

Key Investment

Key to successfully invest in Greece is to know what is your primal goal and then to partner with a local representative that will support with the procedures.

We are the Reliable Partner that assists foreign firms and investors in taking advantage of the Greek market opportunities.

Investment Opportunities in Greece


Greece’s geographic location in the Mediterranean and Southeastern Europe is an advantage for companies and individuals that want to invest with great ROI in significant sectors.

The region represents great opportunities in several industries listed below.

Booming Sectors 


Best Prospect Sectors include:

  • Shipping Equipment and Services
  • Information and Communications Technologies
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Safety and Security
  • Defense and Aerospace
  • Maritime and Border Security
  • Cosmetics and Beauty Products
  • Agricultural products like Oil, Almonds, Wood Product etc
  • Food and Beverage
  • Renewable Energy

Things to Consider First Before

  • What is my investment plan?
  • I will invest as an individual or as an entrepreneur?
  • Do I want to take the Greek residency?
  • How much money do I want to invest?
  • What kind of investment do i want to make?
  • What Do I have to beware of?


Why to Invest in Greece?

In Greece, a new economy is in the making. Investment opportunities are abundant and attractive, in a wide variety of sectors. Greece’s massive reform efforts are opening new investment frontiers that reward both first movers and established players.

The next decade is set to see sustained growth in tourism, ICT, energy, environmental sciences, food, beverage and agriculture, logistics, and life sciences. Greece’s exceptional human capital, advanced infrastructure, geostrategic position, high quality of life due to the climate, low cost of living and potential for economic expansion are attracting investor interest from around the world. And Greece’s newly designed investment framework supports the creation of new businesses, new synergies and new partnerships.

An outward-looking economy that is focused on long-term growth means that investors can look forward to highly favorable returns. As a member of the European Union and the Eurozone, Greece continues to be the economic hub of Southeast Europe, an ideal gateway to the Middle East, Western Europe, and North Africa, and an emerging logistics hub for the entire region.

Resource: Enterprise Greece

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