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Greece is becoming the Hollywood of Europe | Cash Rebate | Tax Relief for Audiovisual

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Greece is becoming the Holywood of Europe


According to the National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication (EΚOME), year 2020 was a milestone in the development of the Greek cash rebate program, which has been being gradually built and improved since 2017.

Recognising the significant contribution of the audiovisual sector to a country’s economy Greece introduced in the recent years an investment mechanism in order to support audiovisual and film productions. Through a “cash rebate” system providing investment incentives for audiovisual productions (film,TV,documentary,animation,digital games) for expenses incurred in Greece, the aim is to attract foreign filmmakers and audiovisual producers supporting also domestic production companies.

With the support of the Ministry of Digital Governance, EKOME kept the program fully operational throughout the pandemic, guaranteed its continuity and ensured that foreign production companies were informed of its uninterrupted function and of the safety protocols for filming in Greece.

Cash Debate & Tax Relief for Procuction of Audiovisual Works


In recent years there has been a remarkable effort to make Greece an attractive destination for the production of audiovisual works (eg, films, TV series and video games).

The most important initiatives in this respect are:

the cash rebate state aid scheme, which covers 40% of eligible production costs the tax relief incentive, which covers 30% of eligible production costs.
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