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Established a half of century ago, A.TL.AS Consulting is servicing several industries such as Hotel and Leisure, Food and Beverage, Real Estate, Retail, E- commerce, Logistics and Constructions, Trading, Technology Companies, Financial Companies, Maritime and Yachting Company, NGOs.

Our highly Educated Payroll Specialists with in depth knowledge and close cooperation with our legalteam lawyers are ensuring full employment and statutory compliance.


Payroll Calculations

  • Regular and Extra Payroll Cycle Calculation
  • Bonuses Calculation
  • Hard Copy and E-payslips

Statutory Statements

  • Representation to the Social Security, Tax & Labor Authorities
  • Monthly Statements of Social Security Payments
  • Withholding Tax Returns Preparation and
  • Submission of the Tax Returns to the Tax Authorities
  • Analytical Periodical Declarations Preparation
  • Submission of Analytical Periodical Declarations to the Social Security Authorities

Employees Hiring & Layoffs

  • Hiring Announcements
  • Voluntary Leaves
  • Dismissals/Layoffs
  • Preparation and Submission of Personnel Statements
  • Submission of Timetables to the Labor Authorities
  • Creation and Submission of Time-Off Schedules to the Labor Authorities
  • Full and Part Time Employment Contracts

HR Budgets, Forecasts & Specialised Reporting

  • General Ledger Entries
  • Cost Centers Distribution
  • Tailor made Reports, Budgets and Forecasts

Management of Leaves, Overtimes, Absences

  • Annual Leave Day’s Monitoring
  • Book of Leaves Maintenance
  • Sick Leaves
  • Labor Accident Leaves
  • Maternity Leaves
  • Unpaid Leaves, etc
  • Declarations of Overtime Hours to the Labor Authorities
  • Maintenance of Overtime Book
  • Management of Excessive Overtime Hours

We Cooparate with:

Domestic Legal Entities

Organisations and Institutions

Multinational Companies

Outsourcing to Accounting Firms

Benefits of our Payroll Services – Assign your Payroll to our Payroll Experts:

Automated payroll management saves valuable time that the business could allocate to other activities.

Automation reduces the risk of human errors, providing consistency and accuracy in payroll processing. 

The service can automatically incorporate legal requirements, ensuring your company complies with local and state laws. 

Employees can access information about their salaries, fostering transparency and trust.

Reducing human errors in payroll can contribute to avoiding additional expenses resulting from potential mistakes.

Payroll services are often easy to expand and adapt to your business’s growth.

Payroll services often provide enhanced security measures for the personal and sensitive data of employees.

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