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A.TL.AS Consulting is a Greek Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Provider, with a history of 5 decades in the Greek and International markets, in collaboration with global Networks.  

Since 1972 we offer high-quality & great-value solutions in Tax-Accounting and Consulting, operating as an One-Stop Business Center, receiving multiple awards from Greek and global organizations. 


Experience | Expertise | Technical know-how

For over 50 years A.TL.AS Consulting People Venture, Believe, Vision, and Contribute with determination to materialize the Business Plan, the Financial & Corporate Continuity along with the Growth and Well-being of your Business.

Human - Centered Support

By simplifying and minimizing the time of every procedure, we provide financial prosperity to our clients. Genuine interest, respect, and smile always characterize our relationship with the people who are trusted us. 

Business Process Outsourcing Services

We provide Integrated BPO Services and Business Solutions by smoothly taking care of the Establishment, Operations & Development of your Company. We build the bridges so that the cold numbers and the statutory obligations to be connected appropriately, be managed, and be always improved along with the available resources. 

No Business Borders

Only for 2022, we supported individuals and legal entities in more than 100 countries. Moreover, we participate in international business communities of like-minded BPO providers and advisors from all over the world. 


A.TL.AS Consulting has full compliance with International Standard ISO 9001:2015  from the Accredited Certification and Inspection GCERT, for the provision of:

”Tax-Accounting, Payroll, Company Formation, and Consulting Services.”

Decades of Experience

Generation Greek Company

Years of Online Consulting Services




Loyal & Happy Clientele


Accounting Services

Meet our broad range of our awarded Accounting Services.


Tax Services

Save your resources with the distinguished integrated Tax Services.


Payroll Services

Deliver efficient management of your employees with the A.TL.AS Outsourcing Payroll Services


Audit Services

Ensure added value to your business by complying with International Standards on Auditing. 


 Company Formation Services

Set-up your company in Greece quickly & effortlessly, with ATLAS Global nominated services.


Co-funded Programs

Get to know your personal Consultant, for the acquisition of your Company’s Funding.


Financial Research Services

Get stability among entrepreneurship and financial development. 



A.TL.AS Consulting’s Customer Service Application 

Our goal is to deliver a marvelous customer service experience by providing a New Business Solution to our clientele! 

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Clients’ Expected Benefits 

  • Communication improvement  
  • Time-saving and cost optimization 
  • 24/7 availability of our services 
  • Service tracking 
  • Access to information 
  • Easy navigation 
  • Company Transparency