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Investing in logistics could be very beneficial in Greece as it stands on the crossroad of three continents (Europe, Asia, Africa), connecting, since early antiquity, people, goods and cultures. For that reason, Greece has long been a strategic node for transportation in the greater region.

Greece’s geographical position as a gateway between East and West is highly attractive for investments in logistics and transport in order to take advantage of these increasing trade flows in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Overall, Greek ports are strategically located and could easily be transformed into regional logistics hubs for goods travel from Asia to the European Community. The main port of Greece, Piraeus is a large port with significant capacity both as a container port and as a car terminal. It is also close to the main Mediterranean maritime route (210 nm)  and provides access to a large logistics center in Thriassio and a high-speed cargo train route leading into Europe. All these allow Piraeus to serve both as a trans-shipment center and a gateway port to Europe. Also the Port of Thessaloniki is a gateway and strategically located to facilitate  the Balcan Trade.


There are several opportunities for investment in the Greek logistics sector, driven mostly by the following:

  • The growth of the Greek ports as gateways from Asia to Europe.
  • The planned privatization of such critical logistics assets as regional commercial ports, motorways and rail infrastructure
  • Continued investment in the improvement of rail and road infrastructure, including the accomplished and ongoing investments in  several major motorway projects.
  • The opportunity for major global manufacturers to use Greece as an assembly, logistics and quality assurance center for their products manufactured in Asia and sold in Europe.

The potential for Greece to become a major logistics, distribution and assembly hub for Europe has been recognized by major investors such as Chinese COSCO, which has heavily invested in the Piraeus port.

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