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Greece is a paradise to Invest in Food and Agriculture!

Greek food and agriculture has traditionally been one of the major export sectors for Greece, with a strong presence in the European and a growing presence in the US food markets and a number of companies with strong export growth. From olive oil to flour products, honey to processed meats and ready meals, Greek companies have leveraged the competitive advantages offered by Greek primary production in order to competitively enter and remain in global markets, making food and agriculture one of the most dynamic and high-growth sectors in Greek manufacturing.

It is also an area where Greek companies have managed to innovate and differentiate themselves, both in terms of the product but also in terms of packaging. Over the past 10 years, there are several examples of companies in the food sector who have achieved significant market shares abroad by leveraging the combination of traditional Greek ingredients and innovative marketing and packaging.


  • Repositioning and consolidation of primary food production using new technologies (hydroponics, greenhouses etc.) and high-value crops.
  • Participation in the growth and consolidation of smaller, organic producers with strong export potential.
  • Investment in the packaging, export  and marketing of traditional staples of Greek diet such as olive oil, herbs and aquaculture.
  • Investment in boutique and niche market goods, leveraging the abundant high-quality raw materials, the EU-level production standards and the low operating costs.
  • Development of high-value product lines based on the global “Mediterranean Diet” trends and the exploding organic food sector.
  • Investment in mass-market food production for private-label or branded use, taking advantage of Greek access to the emerging growth markets of Southeast Europe where Greek F&B companies have developed an extensive production and distribution network.
  • New product development, production and distribution based on the R&D facilities and know-how of Greek research centers and the familiarity of Greek consumers with international food products, brands and tastes.

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