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| Do your Business in Greece “Entering Greek Market”


There are several ways of doing business in Greece, the most common being through the setup of a Greek limited liability company, called Private Company (IKE). Entrepreneurs may alternatively set up a limited liability company (EPE or AE). Foreign legal entities are also permitted to setup in Greece permanent establishments in the form of branch offices or representative offices if they do not plan to conduct any commercial operations. Since 1972, A.TL.AS Consulting PC has assisted our Clients with finding the best corporate vehicles for starting their business in Greece.

| Key to successfully

do business in Greece

Is conducting due diligence and partnering with a local representative. We are the Reliable Partner that assists foreign firms in entering Greek market.

An entity with its registered place of business in Greece is normally considered to be a Greek entity despite the fact that all of its members may be foreign.

| Greece is a crossroad for entering EU market!


Greece’s geographical position in Southeast Europe attracts investors who wish to enter the emerging markets of Balkans, Black Sea and Eastern Europe.
Despite the financial crisis, Greece as a member of EU and EMU provides a stable investment environment and creates business opportunities for all type of companies.

| Things to consider

first before


  • Where should i register my company in Greece?
  • What documents and permits do i need ?
  • Which legal form best fits to my project?
  • Do i need to pay insurance for pension ?
  • What kind of taxes do i have to pay?
  • How much will it cost me?

” Each case is special… so if you consider to enter Greek Market, we will be more than glad to help you “

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