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Whole Suite for the Administration Support of your Business!

Improve your Company’s administrative functions with

Using modern smart technologies and tools to be more eficient

we bring together management consulting, technology & outsourcing

Using modern smart technologies and tools to be more eficient

| Suite for the Administration Support

A.TL.AS Consulting Administration Services bring together management consulting, technology and outsourcing to improve your Company’s administrative functions!


  • Real estate management (lease contacts with tenants, collection of rents,  issuing of orders for payment of rents etc.).
  • Legal assistance to foreigners buying property in Greece.
  • Tax settlements (tax residence certificates etc.).
  • Official translations of documents to or from Greek and granting of the apostil seal.


  • General Transfers.
  • Estimates of Real Estate Values.
  • Calculation of indicated Real Estate Value.
  • Real Estate Registry.
  • One Stop Service (Establishments of LTD and SA Companies).
  • Registration of Intellectual Property.



Corporate Secretarial Services takes care of your corporate housekeeping tasks. Furthermore, we are engaged in compliance and legal in-control.

We can advise on the various aspects of managing the entity compliance of your domestic and foreign entities and branches.

We are capable to manage this for your company.


This service gives non-resident entrepreneurs an experienced local representative to ensure that they satisfy all mandatory compliance responsibilities.

Have an authorised representative to negotiate and sign necessary service agreements on their behalf, and have someone to assist with a range of administrative duties.


Project management consultancy services are necessary and critical to the success of complex projects (those that are high impact and time sensitive) within your organization. 

When you invest in a foreign country, you always need local representatives to take care and manage your projects with the knowledge of the local culture.


Interim Management is the rapid delivery of experienced ‘hands on’ executives for a defined period of time to deliver outcomes, implement change, fill unexpected gaps, restructure the organisation, turn around under-performing projects or divisions or deliver a critical project.

We are here to help you with that!


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