Have you ever wondered why your friends or coworkers left a solid job with nice salaries to do a start-up? They might have said something about wanting to be their own boss, or really wanting to build a company. Some of the have gone off the grid for months. They don’t return calls, don’t go to parties, and every time you ask friends how they are going doing – no one is really sure what they are up to. If you wonder what happens before people become the Mark Zuckerberg’s and Brian Chesky’s of this world, take a look at the image below.

Paul Graham, the founder of Y Combinator wrote: “In a startup, things seem great one moment and hopeless the next. And by next, I mean a couple hours later.” Startups are an emotional roller-coaster. Think about it. Your whole team is two to three people. Your office is your living room. Every new customer is a amazing success. Every lost customer a huge tragedy. In between the fist day of a startup and success there are numerous versions of the product itself. The numerous versions of the product – until the startup realizes why it exists.
Despite the heart-wrenching stories of unsuccessful startups, we all believe that anyone, with enough perseverance can build the next Facebook. This is the land to do it. God bless America, with more startups. You will be seeing more and more of your friends and coworkers leaving on this journey. Is it worth it? You tell me.


Source: Funders & Founders

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