Thousands of Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Greece since the start of the Russian invasion.

Seeing the aggressive situation happening in Ukraine, Greece has decided to show its solidarity by opening 50,000 jobs in the tourism sector to Greek expatriates and Ukrainian refugees.

In this regard, Greece is working on creating a platform for the refugees’ registration and a job search website.

Moreover, Greece has put in place special procedures for Ukrainian refugees to enter Greece. More specifically:

1. Holders of the Ukrainian passport with biometric features can enter from all points of entry (land and air) for a maximum stay of 90 days.

2. Holders of the old type of Ukrainian passport without biometric features can enter from all points of entry with a transit visa required, for a maximum stay of 90 days.

• For the above cases, Greek Police will stamp your passport with an entry date

3. Ukrainian citizens who do not carry travel documents, can only enter from the Promachonas Border Control station, (tel. +30-23230 41079) where they will be provided with relevant documentation by the staff  of the Ukrainian Embassy in Greece. With this procedure they have the possibility again for a maximum stay of 90 days.

4. In case of children of Ukrainian refugees who do not carry travel documents, Greek Police will make a note, under the entry stamp of the passport, of the number of minors that they accompany.

• Attention: in this case Ukrainian refugees will have to present a certificate of marital status or birth certificate of their children. If you do not have any of these documents, you must complete and file a solemn declaration with the number of children, their name, surname, sex and date of birth.

Provision of Temporary Protection

Within 90 days Ukrainian refugees will be provided by the Asylum Service of the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum with temporary protection of one (1) year with the right of access to the labor market and medical care in accordance with Directive 2001/55 of the Council of the European Union. Regarding the process of providing temporary protection, contact either by phone at: +30 2131629600, or by email at:

Material Facilities and Hospitality

Until the process of issuing travel documents -where required- is completed, there is the possibility of short-term accommodation in the open structure of Sintiki. Those who wish to be hosted for a longer period, after the completion of the above process, they can submit a request to:

The Ministry of Immigration and Asylum will provide with accommodation in the accommodation structures that it has readily available.

Unaccompanied Minors

In the case of unaccompanied minors, the National Mechanism for Detection and Protection of Unaccompanied Minors of the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum will be activated, for the transfer of children to special emergency accommodation structures, where the prescribed identification procedure (if necessary) is followed.



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