Leaders in Law Global Awards 2022: Double Awarding for A.TL.AS Consulting

This festive and celebrative mood in A.TL.AS Consulting, was completed by the announcement

of two Global Awards from Leaders in Law Global Awards 2022.

Significantly, Mrs. Sousana Patsoumi Kalfa Chief Business Officer received the Global Winner Award 2022 |Company Formations Expert of the Year in Greece.

Moreover, it was a great pleasure that Mr. George G. Kalfas CEO & General Manager of A.TL.AS Consulting was honoured with the Global Winner Award 2022 | Accounting Services Expert of the Year in Greece!

By this chance Mr. Kalfas mentioned: 

Rewarding is always important! This one goes to the amazing ATLAS Team! But this is not the end 😊

We ‘ll keep on improving our procedures to deliver the best result for all our clients“.

“It was a demanding year for us, with its ups and downs, the achievements and the misfortunes, however always focused on our vision, our ideals, our values and above all to our people!

The beginning of this year brings us two more Global Recognition Awards from Leaders in Law.

🏅A Global Award 🥇 2022 Winner – for Mr. Giorgos Kalfas, in the category Accounting Services, Greece (honesty I can say that it was well deserved!)

🏅A Global Award 🥇 2022 Winner – In the category Company Formations, Greece – for me.

For those who know me personally, know that what counts to me is the awards of humanism, kindness, honesty, and the work we do leaving a good impact on the society.


Of course, this will be evaluated at the end! Meanwhile, we accept these distinctions with great pleasure as a gift and reward for the intensive work we have done to be «a different company in comparison to other organisations in the field» as many people said, who feel safe to work and cooperate with us.

These awards are dedicated to our parents, to A.TL.AS Consulting great team, and to our Mentors, who taught us that our professional success should go hand in hand with ethics, modesty and humanism because in any other case we would act as empty vessels.

Thank you very much for the honour!”

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