During my recent vacation in my courtryhome in Chalkidiki, I have tried to sort things out about my time management. It was a very demanding summer, so my hubby and I, have no time, not even for a short break in order to get some rest.

Why so?

I considered my everyday working time and made a few crucial decisions about my time management in order to have the best ROTI (you’ll see below what that means).

This post was inspired by the sea and it is dedicated to the people that their time flies. 


What’s the first thing you do each day when you sit down at your desk and get started?

The first hour of your working day is really important for your productivity and it counts the most because it sets the whole tone of your day.


Setting your priorities and managing your time, it is rather crucial; but mostly for service provides that need to make each minute count since they exchange time for money.

When you organise your day, it is obviously more likely to take control of it and do what gives you the maximux ROTI (ROTI: Return on Time Invested) 😉 .

What is the right way to get started?

Obviously, it differs from one person to another, but here are some ideas that might be useful.

Prioritize your communications


There are people that start their day by checking and answering emails and by checking and dealing with social media. This might be useful but also tricky .  It is useful because it reminds you which tasks need to be done everyday and which are most urgent, but it can also become a time-waster that makes your whole day run late.

There are three ways to avoid this:


  • Deal with only work-related communications by ignoring personal emails
  • First check your emails and save replies for later. You can send short replies, but if your messages have to be longe, make this one of your daily tasks and prioritize accordingly.
  • I understand that social media are part of our business life and are very good communication channels, but you’d better stay off social media sites.  Since these can be distracting and “time-vampire”, it would be rather helpful to have a separate social media time during your day.


The time you set your ToDo List


Make your to do list either in the beginning of each day or at the end of each day for the next day. There is no size fits all solution for that. It is probably more effective to sit down at the end of each day and create the next day’s list of things to do. This way, you can get started on your list of tasks first thing, rather than have to create it.

A todo list may look like this or you can also use a ToDo list app or a very complete list of Todo List softwares that Hello Focus that created (51 tools)

Get used of the “Preparing for battle” Ritual

Do you find it difficult to get into your working day and especially into your “productive and creative zone”?  You can create a ritual that gets you into this zone easier. I called this “preparing for battle” ritual and its goal is to get you into the mindset for work. You can do this through music, a review of your work goals, a review of yesterday’s achievements, through meditation,or anything else you think would motivate you and get you into the proper mood.

What I mentioned above, are only a few of the things that I propose to my clients in order to be more productive.

How you start your work day is something you should consider about.

Ask yourself: Is there  anything I can do to make my working dayt smoother and more productive?

Do not forget that time is money..

Be sincere and stick to what is more proper for you.

And also…

Keep calm and priotize for best ROTI 😉 .


There will be more posts about time management …

So Stay Tuned and Stay positive 🙂 


Sousana Patsoumi Kalfa

Business Strategist & Coach

Managing Partner @ AtlasConsulting

CEO @AtlasHub


 Don’t keep it secret! Feel free to spead the wordAfter all, it’s free ;)