What kind of customer experience do you deliver?

Is the actual experience you deliver, aligned with the experience you’re trying to deliver to your customers?


Do you empathise with your customers?

In order to explore this, you have to conduct research.

It is necessary to obtain real, objective data to from your customers in order to make any further decisions or changes.

Don’t rely on your own assumptions.

Here are 7 ways to explore further how is your current customer experience:


Though Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels are great mediums in order to find out what is said for you or your brand. Look for positive and negative comments about you or your brand. These comments will tell you whether or not you’re living up to customer expectations or not.


Ask Directly

Don’t be afraid to ask your customer about their experience. You can also offer a comment card or surveys.  The best time to ask for feedback is after the customer has bought and used the product. You can conduct a follow-up process in order to gain an honest review from your customers.


Carry out Focus Groups

Focus groups are a great way to learn about the experience directly from customers even though it requires a bit more investment of time and resources. Invite a list of selected customers and lead a discussion about their experience dealing with your company.


Website Analytics

You can also explore the customer experiece indirectly through your website analytics offer. If there is a large number of visitors that come to your site but disappear without signing up, buying, or otherwise engaging, this could be a sign that there is a problem or disconnect in their experience.


Communications Monitoring

Do not forget to get inside information from the monitoring of the communications between your sales or customer service employees and your customers in order to see if there are any problems. This is also helpful in order to identify areas where employees need training on customer experience.


Employee Focus Groups

Another rather helpful way is to hold an employee focus groups. You can gain insights through the customer service or sales department that have direct contact with the customers. Employees can talk about customer experiece success or failure stories based on customer feedback or behavior.


Encourage Interaction

Dont forget to interact directly and naturally with your customers. The more you have interactions with them, the more likely you are are able to gain their insights on how they view the experience with your business.


This research should be ongoing. No customer experience is perfect and all can use some fine-tuning. Through the objective data you obtain during this research, you can identify areas of weakness for improvement.


Sousana Patsoumi Kalfa

Business Strategist & Coach

Managing Partner @ AtlasConsulting

CEO @AtlasHub

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