Who it concerns

Self-employed third-country nationals, self-employed or employed persons, who work remotely using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) with employers or customers outside Greece (digital nomads).


The national visa is issued to the person concerned, provided that the applicant presents himself in person or sends by e-mail or registered letter to the competent Greek consular authority, which is obliged to reply within ten (10) days of the relevant request of the person concerned and to complete the procedure for issuing the visa in “one stop of the person concerned”, apart from the general supporting documents and special supporting documents proving the employment relationship, as well as evidence that he has sufficient resources, at the level of fixed income, to cover his living expenses during his stay in the country, without burdening the national social welfare system. The amount of sufficient resources is set at three and a half thousand (3,500) euros per month.

The above amount is increased by twenty percent (20%) for the spouse or cohabitant and by fifteen percent (15%) for each child. The amount of sufficient resources may be redefined by the joint ministerial decision.

g) a national visa fee of seventy-five (75) euros.

Who else does it concern

These third-country nationals may be accompanied by the members of their family, who are issued, upon their application, with an individual visa that expires at the same time as the sponsor’s visa. (a) the other of the spouses or cohabitants with whom the non-EU citizen has entered into a civil partnership, b) the unmarried joint children of the spouses or cohabitants under the age of eighteen (18), including those that have been legally adopted by a foreign court decision that is automatically enforceable or has been declared enforceable or its res judicata has been recognized in Greece and c) the rest, under eighteen (18) years of age, unmarried children of the sponsor or the other of the spouses or cohabitants, provided that custody has been legally entrusted to him/her for the children of the sponsor, and for the children of the other spouse or cohabitants of him/her).


Valid for a period of 12 months Provision is also made for the possibility of extending the twelve-month visa for a further two years, following an application submitted before the expiry of the national visa and provided that the conditions of the nature of the work continue to be met.

Other information

During their stay in Greece, the spouse or partner and the members of the sponsor’s family are not allowed to provide dependent work or to carry out any form of economic activity in the country. In the event that the third-country national, as well as the members of his/her family, depart from the Greek Territory and the validity of the national visa expires, both the sponsor and the members of his/her family have the possibility to apply for and re-obtain a national entry visa for this purpose. Periods of absence from the country do not hinder the renewal of the residence permit, as long as these do not exceed six (6) months per year.


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