This infographic is about the mindset of an entrepreneur, and the first actions you would need to take to become one. To do a startup, you need to think very simplistically in many ways. From what I have seen working with hundreds of startup founders, it is often those that stay “hungry and foolish,” as Steve jobs put it, that are able to find a solution to a problem people have and build a business out of it. By foolish, I mean simplistic but focused thinking. the more you complicate the problem you are solving, the more unsolvable it becomes. However simplistic this infographic is, if you just do what it says, you will get what you put in.

Entrepreneurship is more about the actions you take, not the person you are. If you take action, you are ahead of the vast majority of people, who talk about entrepreneurship, but never build anything.
I hope this infographic inspires people to just do. Build. It doesn’t matter if you are an engineer or not. Anyone can make sense of WordPress. That can be your prototype. I have seen entrepreneurs who got funding even though they spoke poor English, had no degree, and no money for a business suit.
I hope you become unscared, and do a startup.

Becoming an Entrepreneur:

  • Look Ahead
  • Tell People and Demo
  • Think of a Problem
  • Follow Your Passion
  • Do the Leg Work
  • Make a Prototype
  • Block the doubters

Anna Vital

Source : Funders and FOunders