ATLAS Consulting was honored with numerous top distinctions during the Finance & Accounting Awards Ceremony in Greece, which was held on Tuesday, January 30th, at Sofitel Athens Airport.

Specifically, the company was recognized as the ‘Consulting Company of the Year,’ securing this grand award, along with 2 Gold, 4 Silver, and 3 Bronze Awards, earning a total of 10 prestigious distinctions.

The awards received by ATLAS Consulting are as follows:


  • WINNER AWARD – Consulting Company of the Year!
  • GOLD AWARD – Tax Advisory Services
  • GOLD AWARD – Payroll and HR Services
  • SILVER AWARD – Accounting Services
  • SILVER AWARD – Reporting & Data Analytics
  • SILVER AWARD – Thessaloniki Accounting Services
  • SILVER AWARD – Business Intelligence & Data Analysis Solutions
  • BRONZE AWARD – Organizational Strategy Consulting Services
  • BRONZE AWARD – Employee Training and Development
  • BRONZE AWARD – Business Value & Innovation

The numerous distinctions received by ATLAS Consulting at the Finance & Accounting Awards for yet another year reflect our commitment to delivering high-quality Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services in the Taxation Accounting sector. Furthermore, they underscore our ongoing efforts to enhance the experience of our clients.

On the occasion of winning the GOLD Award for Tax Advisory Services, Mr. George Kalfas, Company’s Owner and CEO, stated the following:

“Thank you very much, Boussias Company. We want to emphasize that this award is the result of teamwork. In our field, collaboration is a crucial element for achieving significant goals.

We live it, we believe in it, and every day we remind our people how important their role is within the team.

A big thank you, a big congratulations to the ATLAS Consulting team, and I hope we continue to progress.”

C.E.O. Atlas Consulting George Kalfas

At the same time, Ms. Alice Patsoumi, Payroll Supervisor, took the stage to receive the GOLD Award for ATLAS Consulting Payroll and HR Services.

“I am very happy for this award, and I would like to express my gratitude.

Firstly, I want to thank my dear siblings, Sousana Patsoumi Kalfa and George Kalfa, for the trust they have shown in me in this field.

To my Payroll team, with whom we worked towards our common goal of providing accurate and efficient service to our clients, and proudly we can say that we achieved it.

We progress dynamically as a team, with continuous study, determination, and a commitment to always provide high-quality services. Thank you again for this honor, and we look forward to even more successes in the future.

Payroll Supervisor Aliki Patsoumi

Receiving the honorary distinction of Consulting Firm of the Year, Mrs. Sousana Patsoumi Kalfa, Owner of the Company and General Manager, stated:

“Thank you very much for this distinction. Every year, when we are honored, our first thought is to thank God for giving us the strength to continue.

However, we also want to express our deep gratitude to the ATLAS Consulting Team, which aligns with the vision shared by my husband and me. Thanks to this team, we manage to grow, innovate, and move forward consistently year after year.

A very special thank you goes to my husband and the founders of ATLAS, my parents, who started this company 52 years ago, and together we nurtured it to fruition.

Thank you very much, may you all be well.”

Co-Founder | General Manager Sousana Patsoumi Kalfa

On behalf of our entire company, we would like to express our gratitude to Boussias Events for the excellent organization. Thank you.